Welcome to Perk!

Located at 384 Tequesta Dr, Tequesta, FL 33469

We are so happy that you are here. We love being a part of our little gem of a town, the Village of Tequesta. We hope that we bring you just as much joy as we get from seeing your faces every day. Community is so important to us, and we love being a part of it.

Thank you for supporting us over the past few years! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Perk is a family owned business, established in 2017. Moving here from the bustling highways, sandy beaches and towering mountains of Los Angeles, we wanted to bring you a twist on our take of a Californian-Floridian coffee shop and local eatery.

That being said, we pride ourselves on our healthy ingredients, variety in options, and nutritious alternatives.

All of our food is prepared fresh to order, and whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan, we promise to find something for you. We believe that eating wholesome foods is the cure to all.

Our coffee is roasted locally in Jupiter, Florida by Pumphouse Coffee Roasters, and we serve local crafted beer and organic wine from various places. We serve Kombucha on tap.

Our creativity shines through with our unique specialty lattes. Ever had a Collagen Latte? A Honey Lavender Latte? Or perhaps you would like to try a Miss Maca Latte, crafted uniquely for women. We also love our Matcha, that has so many health benefits.

The kitchen is always coming up with new ideas for specials. Including, but not limited to, our Vegan Breakfast Burrito, Vegan Truffle Mac n’ Cheese, the Green Goddess Melt and our Impossible Burger (YUM! Is your mouth watering yet?)

Additionally, we have many products on our shelves. From California Gold Dust and Fire Cider Vinegar, to CBD Oil, Body Scrubs, Jewelry, and Macrame Pieces, we are the perfect place for unique gifts and love to support our local community of artists, craft-makers, and musicians.

Keep an eye out for our special events. We host live music, comedy nights, wine tastings, artisan nights, educational events, happy hours, fundraisers, and more. Contact us for more information or for questions, and we hope to see you in the shop soon!